Am i still limited, or a lot more ?

Who cares. And who’s asking. Does anyone have a moment for themselves. Who cares. Accomplish more has been the funda recently. And people are managing. Aren’t they? Juggling. Keeping things move. Move better. How are they managing? Intriguing query. Mental images. Significant or otherwise, everyone carries atleast one.  I am someone, or something. Images of themselves they carry everywhere. People hold onto their mental images very strong, and dear. Why not. Without which, one wouldn’t feel rooted much into what they do or what they get to do, one tend to lose a clearer vision of their respective duties, the Dharma’s. Life, it is prescribed to be taken as it unfolds, moment after moment. But isn’t it very tricky for everyone to wait as life unfolds. Pages may not be very intriguing and fun. But new age education and competition prepared us well. Well enough that we prepare for the unknown even if its galaxies far from a possibility. We plan. Plan way ahead, for something and for everything that is not present. So one holds an image and assumes he/she is the image, and looks forward. So images of oneself essentially have become support systems. If one doesn’t picture thyself as an efficient or an effective one, one might feel lost in competition, and disappointed and dejected eventually. Mental images are probably helping, in this super fast world, for sure. But how long can one cling onto it ? Does one ever get a chance to keep it off ? To stand far from what one feels and believes he/she is, and be able to see who they really are ?  Can one repeatedly ask thyselves, who you are ? How differently you could have acted if you realised you are not what you thought you were all along ? Can one pose a question inwards constantly, conscious enough to find more of themselves? Can one ask – what, if i am not my name, if i am not what i am tought to believe i am, if i am not my role in a relationship, if i am not my designation at my work place, if i am not the image i built of myself, if i am not any label ? Am i still limited, or a lot more ?

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