Can we be as selfless?

 I was reading a book yesterday and i was suddenly taken a back by a quick question that read, ‘how will you behave when someone puts a baby in your hands ?’.. wohhh, i asked myself, ‘how will I ?’.. ‘Its no brainer, I will be utmost careful’, i answered. True, isn’t it?
I set my kindle aside, sat thinking and started wondering isn’t it that I would also involuntarily turn selfless for at least until the little one is around? Isn’t that I would be ready to do things that otherwise I wouldn’t ever do for others? Isn’t that I would ask nothing back, but just give? Isn’t that I would be ok with every shit? No doubt. It is !I suddenly wondered how selfless our parents would have been to raise stupid souls all these decades. Was asking myself – can I be ok with any shit by them, of them and for them

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