May every I be empowered !

Every time i fly, I wonder how a few hundred feet in air can make a BIG me into a negligible speck.. Landmarks, houses, buildings, towers quickly disappear into shades of green.. A few more above, breezes fade into a vast space of clouds and fuller nothingness.. There, my question deepens – what is me, what is mine and what is not. Whatever I am, I wonder how small I am in this world of spheres, little somethings and absolute nothings.. And for this me, I own an uncontainable ego that goes beyond everything. Me, my family, my circle, my society, my community, caste, religion, region.. Do I own any thing in this. Nothing waited nor would stop the next moment. Everything went and would move on as it happened all along. If so, why is my obsession with everything around me so important. Is it because it is ME (AHAM) or it is IT ? I quickly laugh, not because I figured it out but because i realize its beyond. How true it is, fullness keeps me secure and makes me relevant, while nothingness gives me freedom, from all judgments i make and from all the boundaries I draw.  I wonder how often can i walk away from myself into a fullness of nothingness to erase the lines and walls. May every I be empowered!

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