Engraved Pebbles!

  1. Promise health and a tomorrow to yourself first. Prosperity starts with them. Remember, insurance is not health, health is the insurance.
  2. Life finds its own way. Be ok with things to take own pace and path. Life happens not according to dates and plans.
  3. People and relationships are the most important entities in life without which our insecurities will overcast and overpower us. Be grateful and cherish the presence of every single person and relationship.
  4. Find peace with everything that’s you. When that’s achieved nothing can prick or bother you.
  5. Love and acceptance have no boundaries. Learn to define less of what you can and what you cannot.
  6. Promise yourself to your family. They deserve nothing less and there can be nothing more.
  7. Choose the best in abundance. Value the last grain in scarcity. To be able to do so, learn to be humble in prosperity.
  8. Nature is the Boss.
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