someone asked me, what does a role offer and whats wrong if it does..

I would say, there is nothing wrong in anything, nor is anything always right. but lets get back to what they have to ask. what does a role offer? I say primarily, a privilege? For some it is, for some its a responsibility they like, for some its an anchor, for some its a cover/escape from the insecurities, for some its a power, for someone its a comfort. Whatever it is, a role offers little more of relevance to what one does, or what one wants to do or what one is expected to do, wherever they are. Because of our perception of life, its quality and success is always relative, no doubt a role and its privilege offer a lot and its probably the ultimate for many. It is.
But what could possibly go wrong with one’s perception of life? I say there can be many but a very common one is a constant inferior ranking of self, the void in many things that one creates constantly in his/her subconscious. In looking else where for the completeness and to define a certain quality of life, the soul starts feeling inferior. Such incompleteness can create a fear of rejection and dejection, such seeds of fear become insecurity, an insecurity eventually a reality. A reality that’s never meant to be one at the first place. If you can be a third person, you would see where did it all started, Perception of one’s life to creating a reality.

Let’s get back. In any such cases, assuming a role nor its privilege is going to help. It won’t liberate. It’s going to eventually create more of the same, more of incompleteness, more of inferior feeling, and negative currents. They tend to get stronger. Like one who gets too far into flowing stream of waters would realise, as steps get farther from the banks, the flow would eventually take over your direction. The flow gets too strong that one gets pulled or pushed or resisted constantly. It very difficult to get to a different direction. One step away feels like a big success and next one would feel painful to pursue. One would succumb and continue to take shelters in roles and privileges. It would only let you chase too many rabbits and truly lets one get none.

One needn’t try all the slippery roads to know what it actually is. There’s nothing wrong nor right about any of the approaches but as one makes a conscious choice to avoid some, its also a conscious effort to be or not to be or to cease to be a role. It’s a simple conscious choice.

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