but a leader always has a choice,

to take a path or not, to pave or close, to do or not to.. yet down the line, one thing they lack is, courage.. courage to accept the flaws, mistakes, and to face change.. the options are always get presented, but the courage to face them gets lost.. or because it has been misunderstood for aggressiveness and rage, the courage is never on table.
a follower is different, he/she always has a secret pride in aligning to something/someone or revolting against anything that isn’t his/her ideology or philosophy.. majorly it’s one of the factors that drives them too.. hence there is never a shortage in headcount ready to gather.. but once he/she starts off it grows tough to return as they get more sucked into the philosophy that they find it difficult to avail their free will and choice.
there is no bigger cause than to make sure every act must lead to unity and oneness.. one must remember when the most common forms of expressing disagreement through agitations or otherwise are themselves in essence lead to a divide, the very cause gets damaged to the core.. a leader’s inability to see a bigger and a greater picture does greater damage.. activism and leadership requires a vision.. activism and leadership without those, can only help a bunch of individuals and for a small period of time, but cannot trigger a sense of security, nor a feeling of unity/oneness..
the essence of questioning is for acknowledgement of oneness and not really to establish a divide.. and a leader must be able to negotiate and build bridges, but not feed to the insecurities of self and people’s..
hence, any leader’s words need to be read and understood, if needed between lines, as words represent the thoughts.. leader’s character needs to be evaluated through his/her actions, as actions speak greater volumes.. choosing a right leader is in itself a task which needs one’s wisdom and discretion, and cannot be delegated or post-poned!

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