isn’t it the only intention..

..of all the writings, from whichever region or religion, to live by them? why is the world so caught up with protecting them all, the sayings or the writings? ‘for the generations to come’, one said.

for a moment, close the eyes and listen, a voice that’s said to be with you, in darkness and light, and that which always stayed as the very time, has a lot to say.

be awake, look for no material manifestation of light, and listen for no roars from the skies, which one is used to treat as signs, but to the humble voice from within that guided every last one through the darkest of gallows.. it alone had been the only true guide, and the only Gods one has ever to experience.

And a million times it said that all that’s ever written and said for, the generation, is now, and the one is none but you and you alone!

Awake, awake!

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