deep down the numerous layers of..

emotions sits fear (or worry if it has to be toned down) as such a compelling source that no one can ignore, research says.. it demands probably more than just attention.. different individuals react differently when challenged with this emotion.. many attempt to run just to be trapped more into it, some put up a mask, some cultivate an attitude, while some walk with a guards up all times, and hide behind something.. different people, different methods.

yet i wonder what’s the best way.. commonly said as an ideal way is to ‘face it’ – most heard statement, and i am sure it’s the most boring and hated statement too.. but when I inquire more, from inside i hear – ‘what ever works’.. looks simple, whatever works.. as the wise say, nothings right or wrong, so ‘whatever works’ for one to see a brighter side.. but there is an extension to it, a more necessary one i feel.. what ever works ‘without hindering much of one’s immediate responsibilities and duties’ sounds more holistic and practical..

but even if its not, – what ever works!

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